Why choose me to photograph your wedding?

For weddings, I try to literally meld myself into the celebration. My goal is for people not to pay any special attention to me, so people can celebrate the day; "It's more like I'm one of the gang as opposed to being just the photographer." I want you to be overcome with emotion each and every time you view your wedding photos. I want to give you the gift of being able to re-live that day whenever you look at them. In fact, I want people that do not even know you to feel the emotion evident in the images that tell your story. In order to accomplish this, I will photograph the moments and details of your wedding truthfully and artistically. You can trust me to DOCUMENT your day...not stage it. Weddings are filled with genuine moments. There is no need to artificially force them. (Trust me...I will NEVER ask you to stop and smile at me in the middle of your first dance!) Of course, we will do the necessary group photos...quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy the company of your guests. In the end, you will be presented with a full set of editorial images; moments that you were aware of and some that you many not have even remembered if they had not been caught on film. You are cordially invited to call me for a complimentary consultation. This will not only give you an opportunity to see more of my work firsthand, but it will also give you time to study your photographic needs in more depth. You should choose the photographer that you are most comfortable with.